Big Cats Sounds

Feel the strength in mighty roar of the biggest wild cats from the jungle. Play lion sounds, cougar sounds, tiger and many others, and use this sounds in your android device.
You will be thrilled by our amazing collection like in no other app because we deliver only the best sounds by the most popular big cats on the planet. Our focus was on mighty and powerful roar, as that is what all this animals are known, but you can also find funny sounds like lion waking up. Sounds are perfect for all kind of notification sounds. Just imagine how cool would it be when you receive text message everybody hear mighty lion roar.
Big cats sounds is also perfect way for education. You can hear how these animals sound like in their natural environment, and each button have realistic picture of each animal, so you can learn how they look like. There a big background picture for each wild cat category so you can have even better view.
Sounds are categorized by wild cats type, so you can choose from the menu on the top of the screen jaguar, panther, puma or any other and listen to the best sounds that we could find! Beside every sound there is an arrow on the right side that brings you to the other menu that will give you options to use that particular sound as a notification, ringtone or alarm sound. You can easily share this app with everything that your android device supports on the share button on the top of the screen.
✔ list of functions:
– play real big cats sounds
– choose sounds from categories
– use all sounds as a ringtone, alarm tone or SMS/notification tone
– share app via everything that your android device support
– control sound volume directly from app
– cool design and fast app
★ Download now and experience more than 60 scary sounds of the most powerful big wild cats
☆ Application is tested on major Samsung, HTC and Sony Xperia android devices and it is working smoothly and stable.
☆ User satisfaction is important to us. If you have any difficulties with the app, please contact us via e-mail


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