War Sounds

★ Sounds of bombs, guns and others weapons for your ringtones.
★ Do you have blood of a warrior running through your veins? For all of you with a military spirit, we collected great collection of the most famous weapons and war machines in the world for your entertainment. 77 realistic war sounds, perfect for notification sounds. We have categorized weapons by types, and you can find sounds of a classic weapons, as well as modern war tools. For funs of a big blasts like hydrogen explosion and nuclear bombs, or any other, check out bomb sound section. Many of us love pistols so we collected the sound of the most famous handguns like Beretta, Desert Eagle, Glock, Magnum and others… For all you guys that prefer a little bigger guns, check out how mighty is Uzi, Kalashnikov and many other automatic guns in rifles section. If you like even more power then check out rocket launcher sound for missiles, RPGs and launch sequences. You can also hear sounds of tanks and cannons and other mighty ground forces. We collected something for younger guys and kids also, since they like something more futuristic, they will enjoy exploring our laser section with laser sounds.
★ All sounds in this app are real, with high quality. You can have amazing time of you connect your phone on mighty stereo system, just be careful if you have neighbors.
★ To listen the sound, simply click on the image of a sound. Options for using sound as ringtone, notification or for alarm sound are on the silver arrow on the right side. On the top of the screen you can find menu and choose type of the sound that you would like to check out. Volume control is on the bottom of the screen, so you can control sound directly from the app. If you would like to share this app with a friends, you can to that very easily with the middle button “SHARE” on the top of the screen, and you will be offered to share app with everything that your android device is able to use for sharing.
✔ list of functions:
– listen realistic war sounds
– choose a type of a weapon from categories
– use all sounds as a ringtone, alarm tone or SMS/notification tone
– share app via everything that your android device support
– control sound volume directly from app
– cool design, fast and easy to use app
★ Don’t wait to hear gun sounds on your best friend’s phone, download now and be in the center of the attention each time when your phone is ringing!
☆ Application is tested on major Samsung, HTC and Sony Xperia android devices and it is working smoothly and stable.
☆ User satisfaction is important to us. If you have any difficulties with the app, please contact us via e-mail.


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